Why should you take part?

You should take part in the Junior Researchers Project if you’re hungry for knowledge and fascinated by a specific topic that you want to explore in more depth. The project gives you a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a subject of your own choice that you’re passionate about and may not have a chance to study in upper-secondary school.
If you take part in the Junior Researchers Project, you will also acquire some specific skills you can use for assignments and projects in your school. This means the project will help you in your current everyday studies. It can also give you concrete experience of what it’s like to study at a university. Previous participants unanimously say that they have become more confident about which study programme to choose, as the project has made them more aware of their interests and strengths.

During the course of the project, you will also gain insight into what it’s like to be a researcher. This will hopefully inspire you and show you that it’s not impossible to become a researcher.

Apart from the benefits you gain from the project itself, some general upper-secondary schools offer the option of having the project approved as your concluding AT project.