How it works

The project’s annual cycle

A Junior Researchers Project spans one calendar year: the spring semester of the second-to-last year and the autumn semester of the last year of your upper-secondary school education. The project can be divided into four phases:

January, February & March

  • Introduction to the Junior Researchers Project 
  • Take part in information meetings at your school organised by your coordinator 
  • Read the Introduction to the Junior Researchers Project 
  • See the film Junior Researchers
  • Take part in local meetings with former junior researchers, researchers or PhD students
  • Write a brief, concise description of your project idea and why you should be admitted to the project. For the submission deadline, see the current calendar on the Danish site. 

April, May, June & July

  • Register for the Copenhagen meeting (must be done via your coordinator)
  • Take part in the Copenhagen meeting
  • Take part in local and regional events with researchers at schools or research institutions
  • Stay in regular touch with your coordinator and keep an eye out for notices and other types of messages 
  • Focussing your project and gathering information
  • Find out which higher-education institutions conduct research in your subject area and contact potential supervisor(s) for your project
  • Ask your coordinator for help during this phase if you have trouble finding the right contact person
  • Register for the Junior Researchers seminar in September

August & September

  • Prepare your idea for the Junior Researchers seminar in September
  • Prepare a preliminary description of your final research project in a form that can be presented orally to other junior researchers with the same subject area
  • Prepare a catalogue of unresolved problems  (e.g. to do with methodology, lack of information, difficulty in communicating your idea) that you can present to the supervisors at the September seminar and discuss with other junior researchers
  • Take part in the Junior Researchers seminar in September

September, October, November & December

  • Prepare your final synopsis 
  • Make sure to consult your researcher contact
  • Submit your project description to join the competition to become Junior Researcher of the Year. The deadline is the end of October