Requirements & evaluation criteria

The purpose of this project is that the junior researchers prepare a research proposal for their research project through support from researchers from a university, the public sector or a private company.

The junior researcher must prepare a project proposal for an original research project of approximately 5 pages. In the proposal the project's problem is described using relevant argumentation, theory, literature, description of empirical data and process. They can choose to do pilot testing if it has relevance for the description of the research project, but it is not a requirement.

Requirements for the synopsis

Below are the requirements the synopsis must meet.

  • The synopsis can at the maximum be 2500 words, excluding footnotes, tables and bibliography.
  • Name and name of school must appear as the header on all pages.
  • Page numbers is indicated at the bottom pages.
  • From the cover of the synopsis it must be clear to which category the project belongs (Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences or Health Sciences.)
  • Clear and focused hypothesis.
  • Objectives, concept and design should be clear to the reader at first reading.
  • Feasible method, including consideration of resources, time frame and the economy.
  • Accurate indication of sources, advisors and the research environment in which the project can be implemented.
  • Clear and nuanced language
  • Demonstration of commitment - but without getting personal.