What is a synopsis?

All participants in the Junior Researchers Project must write a synopsis for a research project. A synopsis means a summary of something longer and more extensive, which for junior researchers means that your synopsis must succinctly clarify what you intend to explore and how you wish to proceed with your research. The synopsis does not need to explain every aspect of your project, but should give the reader a clear idea of what the project is about. It must contain an introduction followed by sections that describe your project’s aim, idea and structure. You can see the more specific requirements for the synopsis below.

Requirements for the synopsis 

  • The synopsis must not be longer than 2500 words, not including footnotes, tables and bibliography
  • Your name and the name of your school must be on the page header on all pages
  • Page numbers should be at the bottom of the pages
  • The front page must state your project’s category: humanities, natural sciences, social science or life/health sciences
  • A clear and focused problem formulation
  • The aim, idea and structure must be clear to the reader on the first read-through
  • Workable method in terms of resources, timeframe, finances, etc.
  • Precise references to sources, supervisors and the research environment where the project can be completed
  • Clear and nuanced language
  • Demonstration of your commitment to the project, without getting too personal 

For further inspiration on how to structure your synopsis you can have a look at the winner of the humanities category from 2011:

Jeff Granhoej:
‘Aisha in the Spotlight’ - Representing Islam in the Danish News Media