Requirements & assessment criteria

On this page you can read about the formal requirements for a junior researcher’s project. You can also see what the panel of judges stress when they assess the projects.

Supervision and requirements for the description of the project idea

You need to fill in the fields in the project idea form and send it as an attachment to the coordinator at your school. Each field contains instructions for filling it in. Delete these instructions before you fill in the form and send it to your coordinator. Then save the file under your own name.

Your coordinator can advise you on how best to present your ideas for a research project and then assess whether your project description is good enough to allow you to be accepted onto the Junior Researchers Project.

The assessment will be based on the following requirements.

  • That you demonstrate:
     • Commitment and curiosity
      • Insight into your subject
      • Ability to express yourself well 
      • Willingness and ability to invest time and energy in your project
  • That your description of your idea or project contains:
      • A clearly defined subject
      • A clearly defined question that you want to answer (a problem formulation)
      • A personal account of why you want to focus on this exact subject
      • Ideas for how to realise the project
  • That the description of your project idea is no longer than 500 words

If you are accepted onto the Project, your coordinator will send your form to the Project Secretariat and your project will then be posted on the website.

Requirements for your synopsis

Below you can see the requirements that your final synopsis must meet. The deadline for submitting your synopsis is in October by email to - preferably as a PDF file.

The project description must not be longer than 2500 words, not including footnotes, tables and bibliography

  • Your name and the name of your school must be on the page header on all pages
  • Page numbers should be at the bottom of the pages
  • The front page must state your project’s category: humanities, natural sciences, social science or health sciences
  • A clear and focused problem formulation
  • The aim, idea and structure must be clear to the reader on the first read-through
  • Workable method in terms of resources, timeframe, finances, etc.
  • Precise references to sources, supervisors and the research environment where the project can be completed
  • Clear and nuanced language
  • Demonstration of your commitment to the project, without getting too personal

Poster presentation of the final Junior Researchers Project

In connection with the Junior Researchers Project, 12 selected junior researchers (three from each research area) will present their projects on a poster (display boards with two or three panels available) or as an electronic presentation (power point etc.). Read more about the requirements for the poster presentation.