Projects & ideas

If you need inspiration for your project, a good idea or if you just want to see how to fill out the project description, this is where to look. 

Below you will find four examples of project descriptions.

Social Science

Project title: Legislation about Danish prostitution
Surname: Ullum
Name: Stine
School: Frederiksborg Gymnasium

Project description:
The Danish legislation about prostitution does not ban direct prostitution, but bans procuring and to use and make money on others’ prostitution. Even though the legislation is formulated in detail, prostitution as a society problem is not taking into consideration – should it be banned or make it an integrated part of society? Even though it is legal under certain circumstances to prostitute oneself, reality in Denmark is that most prostitution is done illegally. As the Danish legislation does not consider the topic in general, but formulate prostitution as a grey zone where something is legal and other illegal, the police has had big problems with arresting and judging the people who are guilty in procuring and trafficking, as it is difficult to proof that women only earn money for themselves through prostitution. The goal with my project is to investigate how the Danish legislation can be changed so that the work of the police can be eased and to make an end to the prostitution that is morally or legally wrong.

Natural Science

Project title: Optimizing and exploitation of heat waste
Surname: Hvidt
Name: Ulver Graves 
School: Silkeborg Gymnasium

Project description:
Is it possible to exploit heat waste, and if so, how? Energy and heat waste makes a great part of the world that surrounds us, and if it is possible to optimize this, it could reduce the discharges of polluting toxics and make processes more effective. As the discharges of polluting drugs, large use of fossil fuel are great society issues, this is also a subject relevant to society. I am studying physics and math at level A, so I have become acquainted with energy and optimization. Books that can be used are: Termodynamik by Erik Both and Gunnar Christensen. I would also like to look for more information at the Internet.  ´


Project title: El Topo – An analytical study through the mole’s tunnels
Surname: Øzdemir
Name: Tufan 
School: Odsherred Gymnasium

Project description:
I would like to research the author Alejandro Jodorowsky’s impact on movies in the 1970’s based on the movie ’El Topo’. In general, his cinematic expression versus our age. Identified problem: Which impact has does Alejandro Jodorowsky’s movie have on the 70’s Western society? I have a great interest in art, theatre and movies in specific. Even though I do contribute to both myself, I would also like to present what has already been created. Especially in a time when the media of the movie has been so commercialized. El Topo is a break-through movie and those kinds of movies are relevant for the development of the art of movies. It contradicts previous norms and makes space for new ways of creating movies. Jeg am studying Media science (level B), History (level A), Classical Studies (level C). Furthermore, supplied with what my study line offers, I have experience with Religion and Philosophy. Theses subjects cover the analysis of the movie. 

Health and Life Science

Project title: The odd brain
Surname: Kristoffersen
Name: Sarah Frigaard 
School: Faaborg Gymnasium

Project description:
Is it or will it be possible to cure the brain? The brain is complicated, but also very structured. Each brain half has different areas that it controls. Fx our left brain half makes us able to read and write and the brain cerebral cortex holds speech and memory. But why are we designed like that? How can we walk forward without noticing it? What is it in our brain that makes us able to understand and act? I have thought a lot about what it is in my brain that makes me able to read, understand and explain. How do the nerve cells communicate and make me react in certain ways? I think this is very relevant as something we just do, but not are aware of why we do. And if a part of the brain cells are damaged, is it then possible to rebuild the damaged area by fx stem cells? And how can we prepare stem cells to develop something particular? All this, I would like to investigate.