Introduction: What is a Junior Researchers Project?

  • Can stem cells cure Alzheimer’s?
  • Can chaos theories be applied to economic systems?
  • Was Georg Brandes a ‘cultural-radical’ or a conservative?
  • What psychological mechanisms do advertisements trigge?
  • What can we deduce from the missions to Mars?

Do you also think about questions like these? Are you fascinated by a certain topic that you’ve already done some reading about? Would you like to help create new knowledge? If so, the Junior Researchers Project may be for you.

What does the Junior Researchers project offer?

  • Two days in Copenhagen with lectures by prominent researchers and visits to research institutions. Academic and social interaction with other junior researchers from all over the country who like you love to immerse themselves in an area of study.

  • You will be guided on how to narrow down and focus a research problem, collect information and develop your idea by the coordinator at your school and researchers with expertise in your field of interest.

  • A two-day seminar together with the other Junior Researchers from all over the country. Here you will also meet ‘real-life’ researchers, in the form of lecturers and supervisors of your project. You will also be able to discuss your project with other junior researchers and do lots of socialising.

  • The opportunity to prepare a synopsis under the supervision of a researcher with expertise in your subject and perhaps win the prize as JUNIOR RESEARCHER OF THE YEAR and DKK 20,000, giving you the financial resources to carry out your project at the research institution that’s right for you.

What does the Project require of you?

  • That you are a student in the second year of the upper-secondary school programme (STX), the higher commercial exam programme (HHX) or the higher technical exam programme (HTX), or a first-year student in the higher preparatory exam programme (HF)

  • That you can think critically and creatively

  • That you have a subject or problem you’re passionate about exploring or finding a solution to

  • That you’re prepared to invest time in your project

  • That you want to meet other junior researchers

  • That you write a description of your idea for a research project, to be approved by your coordinator.